Happy New Year!!!

2017 was a year of change for me. It started off sweet. Wilson and I moved into a cute little bungalow together.  My father, nephews, and siblings came to visit in July. It was such a great time to bond with them. They never come to California! On the way back to Los Angeles, Wilson and I spun out on the freeway and ran into a guardrail. No one hit us, thankfully, and we did not hit anyone. My life flashed before my eyes. All I could think of within those ten seconds were “I didn’t complete my mission on earth, I never wrote that book, Wilson and I never got married, and OMG is Nugget okay?!” He was fine. We were fine.

And so another chapter begins. Life slowed down after that. I became hypersensitive to everything. To cars, people, nature, and foods in particular. I started to pay more attention as well as drowning out my paranoia about where our country is headed.

I made a few changes to my lifestyle and just when I thought things were going good, I got a call one day. It was a bright, sunny Saturday morning. I had just finished tuning up my bicycle at The Bicycle Kitchen. My father called me and told me to pull over because he needed to tell me something that I would not like.

Hearing the news of my uncle’s passing was devastating, to say the least. Having everyone publicly chime in with their opinions only deepened the pain. He was such a great leader and mentor. I looked up to my uncle and strived to be like him.

Though it was a painful goodbye, it was great to be around our enormous family. I still feel my uncle’s presence, and for that, I am grateful.

I had Christmas with all of my siblings for the FIRST time in 32 years. We laughed, cried, fought, played way too many board games and non-stop karaoke. Wilson and I even slept in my father’s closet for a week. My father also tricked us into going to work and baking with him at 7 am one morning. We thought we were getting a tour.

Wilson and I got out in nature one day at Stone Mountain National Park. It was great to connect with nature again. We pondered our next steps in life. We found this awesome rock at the side of the lake.

So now to my first time out of the country!!!


Wilson and I went to Mexico after Christmas to ring in the New Year with his family. I fell in love with San Miguel de Allende! I fell ill after eating street tacos. This blog entry was supposed to be my first ultimate travel entry. However, after two days of exploring the culture–foods, people, attractions, and style, I decided to have those tacos because street tacos are usually the best tacos! I was warned but decided to eat it anyway. I was sick for three days after.

Such a city of romance and Wilson proposed to me in the MOST romantic way, ever. What a surprise! I can’t believe I get to call this man my husband. I love him and I can’t wait to adventure with him for many years to come.

I’ll be back, San Miguel de Allende!